An outcry over child poverty

by Véronique Olmi

Translated from French by Renate Nentwig

with Gilla Cremer
and Patrick Cybinski/Violoncello
directed by: Michael Heicks
Musical director: Hennes Holz
Costumes: Sandra Meurer
Dramaturgy: Michael Billenkamp
„Seaside“ is a co-production by Gilla Cremer/Theater Unikate and Theater Bielefeld with the support of Kulturbehoerde Hamburg.


“Seaside“ tells the story of a woman who travels to the coast with her two sons. Without pathos, but tender and at the same time compelling the reader is emerged into the abysmal desolation and loneliness of a mother who does not see a future for her two children. There’s one thing that she really wants – for her boys to see the sea, just once. „Because the sea cannot be a disappointment. That’s simply impossible. The sea is the same for everyone.“


"A shockingly intense and rare solo performanc…"
"It is a human being who reveals herself before our eyes, not a theatre character. An unsettling evening.…"
"Roaring success of world premier of ‚Seaside‘…"
"Breathlessly… "




„The play by Gilla Cremer breathlessly depicts the fall into the abyss, staggering into instability, rapid plummeting in the air – and leads us to the deed, the motivation remaining unsolved for ever. Like this woman, who lets us watch all those moments in which she just stands and reveals herself, whose questions are never ending. The cello underscores this, softly and quietly.

Theater der Zeit

„Roaring success of world premier of ‚Seaside’“

Westfalen – Blatt

„Gilla Cremer’s acting oscillates between breathless tranquillity and heart wrenching accounts of child murder. And she excels herself. A shockingly intense and rare solo performance.“

die tageszeitung

„You sit in the theatre, agitated until the cruel end. Gilla Cremer, expressive with subtle nuances, stays credible, even in the over exited, euphoric moods. She shines in the difficult finale with a keen psychological sense.“

Neue Westfälische

„Gilla Cremer, in Michael Heicks‘ minimal production, clearly accentuated through gestures and light changes, delivers a riveting crescendoing solo performance.“

Hamburger Abendblatt

„With very little, the actress and her director Michael Heicks present a work of art: they make theatre appear in our minds. Cremer manages with only a few gestures, develops a tenderness that makes us empathise with these people. Despite all the art and all the distance that Gilla Cremer creates with her minimalism – it is a human being who reveals herself before our eyes, not a theatre character. An unsettling evening.“

Hamburger Morgenpost