Once I lived

Once I lived

Racism and violence against a young emigrant from Russia

by Natascha Wodin

with: Gilla Cremer
directed by: Max Eipp
music: Hennes Holz
Co-production with Kampnagel, Hamburg (1991)


In her dreams she prepares German sauerkraut, is a German housewife married to a German workman. Her everyday life, on the other hand, is wretched: constantly exposed to racist hostility, a young woman lives together with her brutal father in a housing scheme for refugees on the outskirts of a small German town.


"Highly topical issues…"
"A breathtaking monologue… "
"An outstanding actress…"
"A piece of work about extreme emotions in borderline situations…"




„Racism, child abuse, violence against women – a bit too much for an evening at the theatre? Not if these highly topical issues, which dominate the news headlines, are processed into a breathtaking monologue in a linguistically and psychologically coherent manner and interpreted by an outstanding actress.“ (MZ)

„A piece of work about extreme emotions in borderline situations. A production in which the audience becomes a voyeur of opulent, provocative and radical theatre.“ (Mopo)

„Her subtle underacting makes this an evening that probably left its marks on just about everyone in the audience.“ (MZ)

„This story does not come across as a model example of a „hardship case“ because the author has endowed this young woman, whose name we never even find out, with a delicacy of mind, ability to love and innocence that stand in suspense-filled contrast to the brutal facts.“ (MAZ)