by Annette Pehnt

with Gilla Cremer
and Patrick Cybinski/Cello
Director: Michael Heicks

Co-production Theater Unikate – Gilla Cremer with Theater Bielefeld and Hamburger Kammerspiele, and with the support of Kulturbehoerde Hamburg.

World premier: 23 September 2008


Expressing both compassion and distance, Annette Pehnt has delivered a splendid novel about power and exclusion at work and has managed to embed major themes such as trust, respect and dignity into an everyday life scenario.


"A dense and multi-layered chamber play…"
"Great theatre with Gilla Cremer…"
"Rapturous applause at the end… "




Great theater with Gilla Cremer

Great theatre nights are few and far between, when just being in the audience leaves you feeling happy to have been part of it. Kammerspiele theatre is now staging such a night: the world premiere of Annette Pehnt’s „Mobbing“, directed by Michael Heicks – and with a divine Gilla Cremer.

Annette Pehnt describes in her novel what impact mobbing at the work place can have on private life. She describes how husband Jo loses his footing at home after losing his job. His „case“ is related to us by his wife. Gilla Cremer is the wife, a cello player (Patrick Cybinski) in a glass case plays the role of the husband. This is what it must feel like to be avoided and ostracised by others – speechless and „cut off“ as if under a bell jar. Heicks has found a simple but inspired image for this.

On 19 October, Gilla Cremer received the Rolf Mares Award for her exceptional achievements in Hamburg’s theatres“. If you want to know why, go and see „Mobbing“.
(Mopo, 25.09.2008)

War of the roses against the loss of happiness

In the end there is rapturous applause at Kammerspiele theatre for a great actress: Gilla Cremer, who presented a fragile, very contemporary phenomenon and mastered it in an equally nightmarish and desperately funny, playful way: Mobbing. The term stands for mean, sometimes malicious or subtle bullying by badmouthing in the work place. It is followed by redundancy, destruction of livelihoods, loss of self-esteem that lead to suicidal thoughts.

„‚Mobbing‘ is the title of a similarly factually and vividly written novel by Annette Pehnt, which Gilla Cremer, with the help of the director and stage designer Michael Heicks, has dramatised and premiered. It is a superb night, a dense and multi-layered chamber play in which Gilla Cremer is either in monologue or dialogue with her partner (Patrick Cybinsky) who is silenced by mobbing, socially excluded and more and more alienated and quite plainly displays in full view the process of disintegration of a once happy family.

Her soft hoarse voice sharpens, she laughs but feels like crying because the mutual support, respect for one another has been lost. Along with the tenderly sugar-coated image of her husband she had created for herself. Now they are at war. Misunderstandings, reproaches, mistrust and the resultant silence have poisoned life. The woman disappears in the darkness; the cello has the final say.“
(MN Die Welt)