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Virtual Theatre In Viral Times

Dear Companions in Fate,

I too regret with all my heart that so many shows had to be cancelled!

After all, the magic of of the stage lies in ‘real’ encounters, in a lively dialogue between actor and audience – each night is new, each night is unique.

But what is ‘real’ in these unreal times of Corona? While the theatres remain closed, as a small consolation, I would at least like to send you one of my plays that I love very much (free, of course): THE THINGS OF MY PARENTS, fresh & specially performed & filmed without an audience at Hamburger Kammerspiele.

Have you a stimulating evening, ALL THE BEST, until we meet again ‘for real’ at the theatre!

Best wishes, Gilla Cremer

March 2020 –  P.S. In case you would like to make a donation, may I suggest the RESQSHIP refugee initiative

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Gilla Cremer - Theater Unikate

„Alone on the stage she has a compellingly clear and strong vibrancy. Even when she is not doing anything, the audience is mesmerised. This presence carries and characterises the solo performances by Gilla Cremer. The actress from Hamburg tailor-makes her own parts. On national and international tours she is celebrated for her roles as Hildegard Knef, a poor artist’s child, a concentration camp shrew, a Nazi victim’s daughter, m.e.d.e.a. and a modern woman with a career in advertising. Using few props, Cremer draws diverse psychological studies of women who – either in a positive or negative way – fight for their convictions. “ (dpa U.Cordes)

Gilla Cremer


Since 1987 Gilla Cremer has been playing her solo productions in Germany and abroad. She has written many of her monologues herself, and has adapted novels and biographies for the stage.
Her plays have been taken on and adapted by other theatres. The rights are owned by the relevant publishers or by Theater Unikate. The stage technics needed for the productions are flexible and the plays can be performed in either large theatres or small spaces.

Most of the plays are also available in English.