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The Sky has many Colours

by Lale Andersen

with Gilla Cremer,
Piano: Gerd Bellmann

Musical reading:

In 1972 Lale Andersen published her autobiography “The Sky has many Colours”, which topped the German bestseller lists (Spiegel) for weeks.
Vibrant and funny, Lale Andersen talks of her “life with a song“, lets the reader be a part of her successes and failures, of her inner conflict as a working mother of three and her great affection for Rolf Liebermann.

Lale Andersen Reading

In ninety dense minutes, Gilla Cremer reads, acts and sings her way through the biographical ups and downs of Lale Andersen.

She is accompanied – as in her play -„The Sinner – Hildegard Knef“ – by the wonderful pianist Gerd Bellmann.